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Crafter Studio Enables Effective WEM Through Multi-Channel Publishing

Posted by on February 13, 2012

Over the past year, organizations of all sizes and have shifted their focus from basic Web content management towards Web experience management. As the amount of Web usage continues to grow for both consumers and enterprises, creating an engaging Web experience is now a top priority. I’m sure that many people have experienced incidents where a website’s lackluster UI or ineffective search that didn’t produce the right results have deterred them from spending more time on the site or even from ever returning. Losing out on these valuable customers is a costly mistake that organizations can’t afford to make. Thus, providing relevant content thru an engaging user experience is paramount to a successful online digital strategy.

And now, with new mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being constantly introduced to the market, organizations need to make sure those same Web experiences are applied across all delivery channels.

When it comes to managing these Web experiences, it’s important to use the right WEM system to produce a consistent experience across the different channels, and doing so in an user friendly manner.

At Rivet Logic, we’ve been busy developing and enhancing Crafter Studio, our complete authoring and publishing environment for managing Web and enterprise content. Developed as a major extension to Alfresco, Crafter Studio is a user-friendly and extensible platform for managing multi-channel publishing for mobile, Web, social channels, etc.

One new feature we’ve recently released is the availability of different templates for the different publishing channels, allowing the system to serve the same content through the appropriate template for each publishing channel – iPhone, iPad, desktop, etc.

The demo below showcases this features along with Crafter Studio’s in-context editing and multi-channel in-context preview capabilities.

For more information on Crafter Studio, please visit our wiki.

Rivet Logic Moves to Strengthen Interoperability in WCM/WEM Space Through Support for New WEMI Initiative

Posted by on February 10, 2012

Rivet Logic is happy to be one of the original Proposers of OASIS’ new WCM standard initiative, Web Experience Management Interoperability (WEMI). Russ Danner, one of our Senior Architects, is on the Technical Committee that will define the specifications for this emerging standard.

WEMI represents an evolution in WCM and is set to increase interoperability between WCM vendors, thereby driving down costs of Web content integration and publishing. Formed through the standards organization OASIS, WEMI endeavors to define a simple domain model for delivering aggregated content into a total Web Experience.

WEMI comes at the right time, as industry WCM requirements have now expanded to include the creation and management of rich, engaging and consistent Web experiences across multiple online channels that leverage numerous sources of content.

When complete, WEMI’s abstract feature set should constitute an international open standard, widely implemented by WCM/WEM systems. Existing standards only address content interoperability at the lower data level, which forces customers to implement costly customized solutions at the content presentation layer.

In addition to benefiting end users, extensibility of WEMI will allow Rivet Logic to leverage standard solutions across multiple industries and domains, saving our customers time and money.

For more information, visit http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wemi.

Crafter Studio 1.7.0 Released

Posted by on November 21, 2011

We’ve been hard at work with Crafter Studio, an extension to our open source Crafter rivet framework, that offers a complete authoring and publishing environment for managing various types of Web and enterprise content.

Today marks the release of Crafter Studio 1.7.0, which contains a number of updates, including an Alfresco upgrade for 3.4.5E support, Preview Tools enhancements, along with a number of bug fixes.

To learn more about this release of Crafter Studio, visit our wiki at http://wiki.rivetlogic.com/display/Crafter/CStudio+1.7.0.