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LucidWorks Enterprise Launched to Deliver Enterprise Search

Posted by on October 14, 2010

Lucid Imagination officially launched LucidWorks Enterprise (LWE) last week at the 2010 Lucene Revolution conference in Boston. LucidWorks Enterprise is the search solution development platform built on the power of Apache Solr/Lucene. By building and extending the scalable power of Solr open source with vital new features, this integrated platform simplifies and empowers predictable, reliable search application development. LucidWorks Enterprise focuses on providing:

  • Search within reach, makes search accessible to the broad range of application developers and architects by taming the complexity of search
  • Build better search applications faster through accelerated streamlined Solr app development and integration with search experience innovations. With a robust set of APIs built atop Solr, LucidWorks Enterprise simplifies integration while delivering the full breadth of search capabilities — faceted navigation, auto-suggest, spellcheck; fine-grained results and relevancy tuning; and full web-based encapsulation of the Lucene search libraries in XML-based search & data configuration
  • Lowering the cost of growth, with a subscription purchase price five to ten times lower than equivalent commercial alternatives

Some of the features of LWE include:

  • Integrated Crawler
  • Admin and Config UI
  • Query Parser
  • Click Scoring
  • Alerts

Rivet Logic was one of the partners that participated in the Beta Test of LucidWorks Enterprise. Hear what our very own Sumer Jabri and Paras Jain, along with other system integrators, have to say about their experience working with LWE.

Lucene Revolution 2010 Highlights

Posted by on October 12, 2010

Last week’s Lucene Revolution conference in Boston was the first conference dedicated to open source search in North America. It generated a great turnout and a lot of buzz around Lucene/Solr. Presented by Lucid Imagination, the conference brought together users, developers, thought leaders and market makers for two full days of sessions on the innovative Lucene/Solr open source search technology.

The conference kicked off with a panel of search engineers from flagship firms including Twitter, eHarmony, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.com.

Opening session at Lucene Revolution 2010


Lucid Imagination also officially announced the release of LucidWorks Enterprise (LWE), a search solution development platform that delivers the power of Solr/Lucene technology in a convenient, robust, well-organized package.

Announcement of LucidWorks Enterprise


Rivet Logic participated as both a sponsor and speaker, with our very own Michiel Verkaik presenting a session on Alfresco WCM and Solr integration.

Rivet Logic booth at Lucene Revolution

Michiel presenting at Lucene Revolution


Throughout the conference, the sessions continued to generate buzz as well as provide both developer and business focuses tracks around open source search and the promising outlook for its future. Some of the other topics covered include real-time searching with Solr, open source market trends, open source search in BI, how search enables cloud applications, and what’s in store on the Lucene/Solr roadmap.

2010 Bossie Awards Names Solr a Winner

Posted by on September 01, 2010

The 2010 Bossies (Best of Open Source Software) awards were announced last week, and among the winners is the open source search technology Apache Solr. This prestigious award recognizes the best open source software for businesses every year, identifying the “most promising and cost-effective products available to IT organizations”. Being recognized alongside other highly-acclaimed products like Alfresco, Drupal and WordPress only signifies Solr’s maturity as an enterprise-class platform.

As the amount of digital content continues to increase during the daily operations of an organization, it becomes evermore important to implement an effective enterprise search tool to sort through and find relevant content. Over the past few years, Apache Lucene and Solr has taken the enterprise search industry by storm as it continues to gain visibility for its highly-scalable and robust search platform. It’s now being downloaded thousands of times per day, with over 4,000 enterprise customers, which include AT&T, Macy’s, and Verizon.

With its recognition as the best of open source for 2010, it’s no surprise to us that Solr has emerged as a disruptive catalyst to mission-critical data-driven applications across the marketplace,” said Eric Gries, CEO of Lucid Imagination. “The community’s virtuous cycle of adoption and innovation deserves tremendous credit for this achievement, and so we offer our congratulations for this well-deserved recognition. Thousands of companies are gaining competitive advantage from the use of this innovative software, and this award further confirms that diverse and widespread adoption of Solr open source enterprise search is well established.”

As a Lucid Imagination partner and a long time integrator of Lucene and Solr search technologies, Rivet Logic is excited for the Solr community for this accomplishment.

Rivet Logic Partners with Lucid Imagination

Posted by on July 06, 2010

Last week, Rivet Logic officially announced its newly formed partnership with Lucid Imagination, the commercial company dedicated to Apache Lucene/Solr open source technology. This is an exciting partnership for us since we’ve already been working with Lucene/Solr technologies for quite a while and have implemented it in various Alfresco and Liferay projects.

It’s exciting to see how much the Lucene/Solr community has grown over the years and the adoption of its technologies into major enterprises worldwide. Lucene/Solr is now being used to power major sites like whitehouse.gov, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Monster.

This partnership reflects our commitment to partner with leading vendors in the open source community to design and implement enterprise-grade open source solutions, provide responsive consulting support, and advance the use of open source software through innovation and community leadership.