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Creating a Successful Multi-channel Customer Experience

Posted by on February 11, 2016


Forrester has coined the term Age of the Customer to describe today’s customer-centric era. To succeed, businesses must not only undergo a digital transformation, but to also do so with their customers’ needs in mind.

The modern consumer’s demands are ever increasing, they want the convenience of researching and comparing products online, and they want that information to be delivered on their terms. They also want options, with the ability to choose when, where, and how they interact with your brand.

Meanwhile, the digital landscape is ever changing, with the number of touchpoints on the rise, and each interaction with your brand is a piece of the overall experience. The key to a successful multi-channel approach is to put users at the center of your digital strategy and offer them a consistent experience throughout the entire journey that may span across multiple channels in a single transaction.

However, that consistent multi-channel experience also needs to be contextual, to serve up relevant content that enable users to more effectively perform tasks based on different scenarios they may be in. For example, a banking desktop site might show the user’s account summary after they log in, whereas its mobile app might want to show nearby branch locations.

Your technology needs to simplify this otherwise complex process, through a flexible solution that’s able to serve up that seamless experience for your users – they need to be able to switch from a desktop site to mobile app, and be able to pick up exactly where they left off.

To accomplish this, businesses need a flexible Multi-channel Content Management solution that can effectively engage a variety of audience groups across all applications, devices, and channels.

Rivet Logic’s Multi-channel Content Management solution is a seamless integration of Crafter CMS and Alfresco, enabling businesses to create and manage all content types through a user-friendly authoring tool, then publish to any or all channels and formats in a single step!


The solution leverages Alfresco for its powerful content management capabilities and Crafter CMS for its modern platform for building and managing rich online experiences across all digital channels. The result is a solution that allows you to create engaging, two-way conversations with your users to enable that personalized interaction with your brand!

Learn more about how you can benefit from a Multi-channel Content Management solution in our datasheet.

Crafter Studio Enables Effective WEM Through Multi-Channel Publishing

Posted by on February 13, 2012

Over the past year, organizations of all sizes and have shifted their focus from basic Web content management towards Web experience management. As the amount of Web usage continues to grow for both consumers and enterprises, creating an engaging Web experience is now a top priority. I’m sure that many people have experienced incidents where a website’s lackluster UI or ineffective search that didn’t produce the right results have deterred them from spending more time on the site or even from ever returning. Losing out on these valuable customers is a costly mistake that organizations can’t afford to make. Thus, providing relevant content thru an engaging user experience is paramount to a successful online digital strategy.

And now, with new mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being constantly introduced to the market, organizations need to make sure those same Web experiences are applied across all delivery channels.

When it comes to managing these Web experiences, it’s important to use the right WEM system to produce a consistent experience across the different channels, and doing so in an user friendly manner.

At Rivet Logic, we’ve been busy developing and enhancing Crafter Studio, our complete authoring and publishing environment for managing Web and enterprise content. Developed as a major extension to Alfresco, Crafter Studio is a user-friendly and extensible platform for managing multi-channel publishing for mobile, Web, social channels, etc.

One new feature we’ve recently released is the availability of different templates for the different publishing channels, allowing the system to serve the same content through the appropriate template for each publishing channel – iPhone, iPad, desktop, etc.

The demo below showcases this features along with Crafter Studio’s in-context editing and multi-channel in-context preview capabilities.

For more information on Crafter Studio, please visit our wiki.

Rivet Logic Awarded Alfresco 2010 North America Solution of the Year Award for Crafter rivet

Posted by on April 04, 2011

Alfresco kicked off their fiscal year with a meeting the last week of March, where Alfresco employees and partners attended two days of Alfresco-led talks on business and technical topics. The meeting centered around the message of Social Content Management, how Alfresco has progressed over the years and what the future roadmap brings.

During this conference, Rivet Logic was awarded the Alfresco 2010 North America Solution of the Year Award for our Crafter rivet open source project that has been used to successfully implement numerous, prominent, next-generation enterprise websites using Alfresco WCM.

2010 Alfresco North America Solution of the Year Award

Crafter rivet is an open source framework for building content-rich applications and provides the foundation for quickly building high-performance, flexible Web content delivery systems – delivering content that is managed by Web content management systems like Alfresco WCM.

Crafter Studio is a new extension of Crafter rivet that provides a robust content authoring environment for managing Web sites and other content-oriented Web applications. It offers in-context editing of all Web content with live preview, allowing rapid content editing, review and publishing cycles. In addition, it includes full support of Alfresco’s underlying workflow engine for content review and approval prior to publishing to production.

We are honored to be recognized for our contributions to the Alfresco community. As a long time Alfresco partner and open source advocate, we’re continuously investing our internal resources to contribute to the Alfresco and larger open source community with our forge projects.

For more information, please visit http://wiki.rivetlogic.com/display/Crafter/ About+Crafter+rivet and
http://wiki.rivetlogic.com/display/Crafter/ Crafter+Studio