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Engaging Your Audience With Enterprise Video

Posted by on July 18, 2018


When using video in a corporate setting, one of the most important elements to successfully engage the audience is having a strong connection. What does that mean? Setting the stage to help the audience feel comfortable with your content. Establishing an emotional connection from the beginning is key, and knowing your audience makes that happen.

Technology has advanced to the point where using video within the business setting is a must. It serves as a viable means of communication, but has a number of advantages that help seamlessly connect a business across the globe. Why use video? Here are a few reasons:

  • Convenience – With video, businesses no longer have to worry about flying in employees for meetings. Video conferencing can engage a meeting of one, twenty or fifty no matter where they are in the world. This also works well for remote workers or contractors.
  • Builds trust – Being able to see someone speaking to you makes a difference. There’s something about face-to-face interaction that helps both parties feel more confident in the information being presented and keeps transparency at the forefront of the organization.
  • Reinforces engagement – Live video encourages engagement. People usually interact and comment more in real time stream activity.
  • Creates order – Having the ability to stream video allows you to set things up how you want. It helps create accessibility for employees (ex: watching a huge announcement on the company intranet).

According to livestream.com, 81% of audiences watched more live video in 2016 than 2015. Additionally, live video is more appealing to brand audiences. 80% would rather watch live video than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts. For businesses, this is key, as 56% of the most-watched live content is breaking news, and behind-the-scenes access is a draw for 87% of audiences.

Companies are also expanding their in-house learning options with video, offering ways to build and retain the talent they already have. For example, implementing a video e-learning system comes with many benefits at a small cost. A strong internet connection, good camera and platform for streaming is all that is needed. For companies who adopt this type of video engagement, it is very cost-effective, and can be tailored to meet your budgetary needs.

What are some common ways of leveraging video in your business?

For a business, video can assist across the company. Here are a few areas where video could make a significant difference:

  • Customer Service – Being able to live stream customer service assistance with the click of a button helps consumers and employees feel at home. In an e-learning capacity, having the ability to ask questions and get answers to issues you don’t understand is invaluable. It also enhances your brand.
  • Announcements – Have big news affecting the organization? Live stream it. This opens up real time engagement and allows everyone across the organization to find out first-hand news at the same time.
  • Demonstrations – What better way to debut a new product to your team? No matter the location, or what role they play, they will be able to get this information and remain on the same page as everyone else.
  • Live events – This is perfect for important corporate events that not all employees can participate in person, such as an awards ceremony. Employees can participate through a live stream of the event or watch it on-demand later, maximizing employee participation and engagement.
  • Behind the scenes – Have your employees ever wondered what goes on in other departments? Video is a great way to introduce the entire organization to other areas of the organization they may never have a chance to visit. For large companies, this is very effective.

Implementing enterprise video capabilities throughout the organization is not only smart, but allows the company to grow in areas while keeping audiences engaged and costs low. Rivet Logic has partnered with Crafter Software and AWS Elemental Media Services to power a Video Center solution for organizations who understand the advantages of using video as part of their communications strategy.

Vitalize Your Content in 2015

Posted by on January 13, 2015

revitalize-conceptAt the beginning of every year, the web is flooded with blog posts, articles, and infographics with predictions and trends of what’s in store for the year ahead.

This year, there are a few key trends that seem to consistently appear in every prediction, and they all seem to revolve around mobile, social, personalization/targeting, and analytics.

Not surprisingly, with mobile on an unrelenting rise, organizations large and small are shifting towards a mobile first strategy. And as we’re surrounded by more and more digital content, organizations need to find creative ways to grab users’ attentions, through delivery of targeted and personalized content, and with social features that encourage audience participation.

In a recently published white paper, Vitalizing Content to Drive Social Customer Engagement, we introduce the concept of Vital Content, a new content class born from connecting content, which ultimately enables a deeper level of user engagement.

Traditional Social Enablement Limitations

In this age of the customer, consumers expect their online experiences to be seamless and omni-channel, filled with consistent and contextual data, all the while engaging them through bi-directional conversations.

Traditionally social content and social enablement has been handled with a collection of individual platforms, perhaps one for reviews, another for discussion forums, yet another for ratings and so on. Having content stuck in such silos limits the value we can expect to derive and deliver from our social platforms. While traditional platforms have helped facilitate conversations and drive greater engagement with customers, these individual channels can often seem unrelated and disjoint.

 “Vital Content” and Its Production Challenges

Motivating engagement and participation in the content lifecycle establishes a lasting and valuable relationship with your customers. To build this kind of deep relationship with your customers you must give them a voice and provide them with content and functionality that is vital to their needs. The answer can be found in a combination of process and technology designed to personalize the experience, gather insight, and surface connected content.

This process produces a new content class — Vital Content — resulting from content creators and consumers building a deeper relationship as each learns more about the other. The outcome of this process keeps users actively engaged, connected longer, and produces a more meaningful experience.

However, traditional solutions fail to build an ongoing relationship with the audience because they fail to keep the right content in front of the right people and encourage engagement that breathes new life into the content. Users today want, and expect, a personalized experience that is consistent and contextually relevant and that spans across their entire customer journey. They shouldn’t have to re-educate at each engagement event on their likes, dislikes or previous history. Instead, they should be presented with relevant content that addresses their needs and triggers new engagement. The process of building a relationship with your user or customer is ongoing, and technology should enable that relationship to prosper.

Building Relationships Through Metadata

So how is this accomplished? Since content, comments, ratings and other social content are essentially the same, by connecting them with metadata, it’s possible to build relationships between them, pulling them out of their traditional silos. Through the application of metadata such as tagging, content curators and end users are able to create relationships between any piece of content or commentary, regardless of the source. These cross-referenced pieces can then be dynamically embedded, restructured and linked together in endless configurations.

With these ends in mind, Crafter Software has created Crafter Social, an innovative platform leveraging MongoDB, for creating Vital Content to help organizations maximize their customer engagement and the strength of their customer relationships. Crafter Social enables an increased level of engagement with the user while enhancing the overall experience. Furthermore, requirements will evolve as the user’s engagement increases over time. Crafter Social provides a flexible approach built on a system of relationships, and as these relationships grow, it provides the tools to take action on new data types and sources.

Click here to read more and download the full white paper.

Attend Complimentary Crafter CMS Training at Alfresco Summit

Posted by on October 15, 2013

Crafter Software is pleased to offer complimentary Crafter CMS training!

Learn the basics of Crafter CMS for web content and web experience management in a single day class hosted on the day prior to the Alfresco Summit.

You will learn about:

  • Crafter CMS Architecture
  • Content type management and template construction
  • Creating dynamic and targeted experiences

Trainees will be required to bring their own machine (Windows or OSX).
Software, training and lab materials will be provided by the instructor.

Trainee skills should include:

  • Basic understanding of WCM concepts: content types, templates
  • Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Helpful if Trainees have:

  • A background in Alfresco
  • Understanding of basic operating system concepts
  • Ability to code and compile Java (some advanced labs will required coding.)

Request your training today.  Space is limited and registrations will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis!

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Crafter Rivet Spins Off Into Crafter Software

Posted by on May 10, 2013

Rivet Logic Announces the Spinoff of Crafter Software

This week Rivet Logic announced the launch of Crafter Software Corporation, which will offer commercial support and licenses for the Crafter CMS open source project (previously known as Crafter Rivet). Crafter CMS is an award-winning web content and experience management solution that allows organizations to build and manage rich online experiences on the web, mobile, social, and all digital online channels.

“We have seen tremendous commercial demand for Crafter’s modern, open and well-designed solutions in a variety of industries,” said Mike Vertal, CEO of Rivet Logic. “With hundreds of sites now in production and interest surging from major organizations around the world, we knew the time was ripe to spinoff a new company entirely focused on continued development and global support of Crafter.”

Crafter Software’s solutions are offered as both a Community Edition under the GNU open source license, and as an Enterprise Edition with a commercial license and global support.

Rivet Logic will continue to offer Crafter consulting and full-lifecycle implementation services for Web content and experience management solutions.

What does this mean for you?

If you are an existing Crafter Rivet user or customer, you will continue to get the great consulting and solution support from Rivet Logic, along with software support from the dedicated team at the new Crafter Software — all from the same team that was supporting you before.

If you are considering Crafter for your next Web content management solution, you now have the extra confidence that Crafter Software has been established to focus on the continued innovation, development and support of Crafter on a global basis.

If you have any interest in a new, modern enterprise Web CMS that was built for the new era of web engagement, check out the new Crafter Software at craftersoftware.com and craftercms.org

Learn More

To read the press release, visit www.businesswire.com/news/home/20130507006137/en/Web-Experience-Management-Simplified-Crafter-Software

For more information on Rivet Logic’s Crafter-based WCM/WEM solutions and consulting services, visit rivetlogic.com/solutions/web-content-management and rivetlogic.com/services/crafter-consulting