LucidWorks Enterprise Now Available for Free Download

Posted by on December 16, 2010

Earlier this year, Lucid Imagination announced the official release of LucidWorks Enterprise at the 2010 Lucene Revolution. Now users can try it out for themselves firsthand through a free download.

LucidWorks Enterprise (LWE) is the new search solution development platform built transparently on Solr/Lucene by the experts at Lucid Imagination. It includes a full and openly accessible current version of Apache Solr, but the beauty is that you don’t have to be a Solr expert to use it. After downloading the software, users can start developing better Solr-based search applications more quickly and easily through LWE’s integrated search features.

LucidWorks Enterprise is built on top of Solr with an Admin UI and a REST API to streamline search application development, plus the new Click Scoring Relevancy Framework, Alerts, smart default, built-in data/document acquisition, multiple collections, document and role-level security, and more. And, with full transparent access to Solr designed in, you get faceted navigation, auto-suggest, spell-check, SolrCloud, and one of Solr’s latest innovations: field collapsing. In fact, Lucid Imagination has put nearly 90 different open source tools and modules (such as Aperture, Zookeeper, and Tika) into the product, all integrated and tested to work together within the LucidWorks Enterprise platform.

LucidWorks Enterprise is now available free for download, development and evaluation. For organizations that are interested in service and support, a variety of support subscriptions are also available.

So download today, and see for yourself why Solr/Lucene is the leading open source search technology!


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