Recession an Opportunity in Disguise for Open Source?

Posted by on December 05, 2008

In a time of economic downturn, when both consumers and enterprises are watching their spending and preparing for the worst, open source usage continues to thrive and even grow in the current state of the economy.

In a post by Matt Asay on “Where the channel is investing in 2009” based on research done by CMP Media, the findings seem in favor of an increased adoption of open source software.

Some interesting findings include:

“Economic uncertainty is pushing companies to prove technology before buying it, which skews toward open source, which is all about trying before buying.

End customers are planning smaller initial projects, with incremental add-ons. (Advantage: open source and SaaS, since both allow vendors to start small and grow organically).

Forty-eight percent of end customers are looking to streamline business processes, rather than endure pure cost cuts. Basically, they want to spend money more efficiently, rather than simply cutting heads.”

It seems like the overall trend is smart spending, whether it be the try-before-you-buy methodology or maximizing cost effectiveness.  All this seems to shine a light on open source software. Maybe this recession is actually an opportunity in disguise for OSS to emerge and establish its presense amongst enterprises??


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