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Alfresco Partners with Ephesoft to Offer Open Source Document Capture

Posted by on July 08, 2011

Alfresco has formed a technology partnership with Ephesoft to bring together open source document capture, enterprise content management and CMIS for intelligent PDF capture and search and workflow management.

Ephesoft’s open source cloud document capture platform enables intelligent document capture for mailroom automation solutions.

Through this partnership, enterprises can archive document metadata or kickstart document-driven business processes in their enterprise ECM through Ephesoft’s intelligence capture. Document capture will be managed through scanners, email and fax to create searchable PDFs with metadata tags. The cool part is, documents are more than just captured, but also learned, meaning Ephesoft can classify the documents and separate them from other documents while saving key data elements that enable users to send it into other business processes when needed. Beyond document capture, Ephesoft also offers scanning, classification, data extraction and document delivery.

Rivet Logic has also recently partnered with Ephesoft to provide our customers system integration services for Ephesoft.

Rivet Logic Awarded Alfresco 2010 North America Solution of the Year Award for Crafter rivet

Posted by on April 04, 2011

Alfresco kicked off their fiscal year with a meeting the last week of March, where Alfresco employees and partners attended two days of Alfresco-led talks on business and technical topics. The meeting centered around the message of Social Content Management, how Alfresco has progressed over the years and what the future roadmap brings.

During this conference, Rivet Logic was awarded the Alfresco 2010 North America Solution of the Year Award for our Crafter rivet open source project that has been used to successfully implement numerous, prominent, next-generation enterprise websites using Alfresco WCM.

2010 Alfresco North America Solution of the Year Award

Crafter rivet is an open source framework for building content-rich applications and provides the foundation for quickly building high-performance, flexible Web content delivery systems – delivering content that is managed by Web content management systems like Alfresco WCM.

Crafter Studio is a new extension of Crafter rivet that provides a robust content authoring environment for managing Web sites and other content-oriented Web applications. It offers in-context editing of all Web content with live preview, allowing rapid content editing, review and publishing cycles. In addition, it includes full support of Alfresco’s underlying workflow engine for content review and approval prior to publishing to production.

We are honored to be recognized for our contributions to the Alfresco community. As a long time Alfresco partner and open source advocate, we’re continuously investing our internal resources to contribute to the Alfresco and larger open source community with our forge projects.

For more information, please visit About+Crafter+rivet and Crafter+Studio

Archived Webinar: Enterprise Collaboration with Confluence Wiki and Alfresco

Posted by on February 09, 2011

Yesterday we had our joint webinar with Alfresco showcasing our Confluence Alfresco Integration rivet (CAIr) and how it can be used as part of an organization’s content management strategy.

The webinar discusses current industry trends such as the rise in social software as enterprises are realizing the value they bring, the shift in ECM from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement, and why a marriage of both systems is necessary to deliver effective content management and collaboration.

The webinar then covers an overview of Alfresco and Confluence as individual platforms, and how through seamless integration with CAIr, Alfresco can be used as the back-end repository for a front-end Confluence . Key features of CAIr include scalability, flexible security models, and the customizability of exposing Alfresco features through Confluence. Lastly, a live demo will follow a review of the architecture.

To view the full recorded version of the webinar, click here.

Alfresco Enterprise 3.4 Release Delivers Vision of Social Content Management

Posted by on January 31, 2011

Last week, Alfresco announced the availability of its Enterprise 3.4 release. This significant new release delivers on Alfresco’s vision of providing the open platform for social content management by delivering both a more robust content platform for building any kind of content-rich application, along with a more social user-interface for collaboration and document management. This platform will be used by developers and companies to build applications where enterprise content is “social-ready” — or shared, collaborated on and syndicated across the web – and captured for compliance, retention and control.

To accommodate the shift from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement, Alfresco Enterprise 3.4 is built to manage content in a social world and co-exist with social business systems to help manage and retain the content created by them.

Some of the new product capabilities of the Alfresco Enterprise 3.4 release include:

  • User-interface enhancements to make document management more social – Alfresco’s refreshed Share interface for collaboration and document management now includes status updates (similar to Facebook and Twitter), content activity streams and enhanced search capabilities to make content easier to find.
  • Folder-based actions for simple workflow, along with advanced workflow (using jBPM) – Business users can now set-up simple document workflow, such as approvals or content transformations, inside the Share interface. For robust workflow, Alfresco Share now exposes workflows created with standards-based enterprise business process management tools.
  • Distributed Content Replication – Native support for content replication allows organizations to run federated content repositories. Key documents can now be replicated to support large geographically dispersed companies, reducing access time, removing single points of failure, and removing the dependency on a single system.
  • Collaborative Web Authoring – Alfresco Web Quick Start is a set of best practice templates for building content-rich websites on top of Alfresco Share. Quick Start combines the power of Alfresco Share for web team collaboration, with powerful content process control and publishing services like office-to-web publishing.
  • Integration with Enterprise Portals and Social Software – Alfresco now includes a DocLib portlet to enhance its JSR-168 support, which exposes a document library in standards-based portals like Liferay or Red Hat’s JBoss Portal. And using CMIS, Alfresco continues to integrate with Drupal, Lotus Quickr and an expanding set of social business systems.

To learn more about the Alfresco Enterprise 3.4 release, its new product features, or to download a trial, click here. 2011 – The Government and Open Source Content Management

Posted by on January 13, 2011

Alfresco is kicking off 2011 strong with, a free, special one day event in downtown Washington DC focusing on open source content management in the government and public sector agencies. The event will be held on January 20th, 2011 at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center.

There’s been a long-time conception that government agencies are slow to adopt emerging technologies including open source products. However, in recent years, open source adoption has rapidly increased in the commercial sector due to a combination of factors, from the down economy and enterprises seeking cost saving alternatives, to the maturity of open source products finally proving themselves in areas of quality, security, and flexibility. The government, while slow to follow, are now beginning to realize the true benefits of open source software. 2011 will feature John Newton, Alfresco CTO & Founder, as the keynote speaker, followed by customer case studies delivered by actual customers and Alfresco implementation partners.

Rivet Logic will present a customer case study featuring a guest speaker from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The presentation will cover how Rivet Logic helped NAS implement an open source Alfresco WCM solution that helped streamline operations, resulting in faster publishing cycles, increased productivity, richer site experience, and better accountability.

For more information and to register, click here.

The Power of Solr Search with Alfresco

Posted by on October 22, 2010

To keep the momentum going after Lucene Revolution and to kick start our joint partner marketing efforts with Lucid Imagination, we decided to co-sponsor a webcast on leveraging search with Alfresco. The webcast was held yesterday and provided an overview of the technical approach used for Solr/Alfresco integration, including:

  • How to provide accurate, targeted, real-time indexing for each page
  • Full editorial control through componentized pages, for fine-grained control over different areas
  • Faster, easier search customization through LucidWorks Enterprise
  • Dynamic generation of website visitor experiences as seen in several public sites

The webcast also discussed the quality and scalability of Lucene/Solr and how it’s being leveraged in large-scale sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Lastly, a sneak peak of the new LucidWorks Enterprise development platform showcased some of the built-in features that makes developing search applications easier and more accessible.

The slides from the presentation are available for download here,

Confluence Alfresco Integration for the Enterprise

Posted by on October 05, 2010

Today organizations of all sizes are adopting wiki solutions as a way to facilitate communication and collaboration around planning, projects and departmental matters. Wiki solutions allow users to attach documents to pages and to hyperlink to those documents from other pages. This is extremely useful, however documents, which have traditionally been stored and secured on corporate shared drives are now living in separate places. Some now live within the wiki, while others continue to live on file servers. This is an example of an age-old issue in technology; as we bring in new tools that provide us with more options and better ways to work we are faced managing the side effects of a growing technology footprint.

This issue is not new technology, but instead, one of architecture. As our needs grow we need to adjust our architecture to accommodate new demands. In this case, what we need to do to solve the problem is to separate a few concerns. Some users want to access the document through a file server (shared drive) while others want to access it via the wiki. Traditional shared drive technology doesn’t do a great deal to help us accommodate this. Traditional shared drives provide file system access to documents but lack APIs that allow us to get to our content by more sophisticated means. Further, most wiki technology is one sided as well; while a wiki solution may provide web based access via pages and services they tend to lack file system access. Finally, even if the wiki could “project” its store as a shared drive it’s not likely to be the proper system of record for your documents. By separating the issues of storage, management and delivery we can articulate a solution that allows us to serve documents through a traditional shared drive interface via a proper system of record while at the same time, providing APIs that allow us to get to that content as a service so we can incorporate better ways of working with the document through new technologies as they emerge.

Enter Alfresco. Alfresco is architected from the ground up to be a system of record. It’s designed to provide API / service based access to your documents and content, as well as traditional shared drive access. Alfresco supports three different remote programming APIs including SOAP, webscripts and CMIS. And in addition to presenting itself as a file server so users can connect to it as a file share, Alfresco also mimics an FTP server, a WEBDAV server and even a Microsoft Share Point server. Alfresco is designed to store, secure and manage your documents and to provide access to those documents in the way that best suits your users.

If we use Alfresco to store our documents and integrate our wiki solution to read and write documents though Alfresco’s APIs rather to the wiki itself we satisfy our objectives:

  • Store documents in a proper system of record
  • Allow file-share access to the documents
  • Allow API level access to client applications like wiki

confluence attachments integrated with alfresco

hlgh architecture

Alfresco’s capabilities go far beyond security and content retrieval. Once your documents are in Alfresco they can be searched, workflowed, transformed, translated, versioned and so on and so on, no matter how they are accessed; all through stock capabilities provided by Alfresco out of the box.

At Rivet Logic we see real value in allowing knowledge workers to interact with their content though tools and in whatever process that fits their needs best. At the same time, it’s important to manage content or the same efficiencies that are gained through productive tools and well-designed process are lost due to stove-piped information. The need is real, and given that, we set out to create an open source project that demonstrates a more appropriate architecture and provides a stepping-stone for much greater integration going forward. Najy Nicolas, a “Riveter” from our Boston office has integrated one of the most popular wikis, Confluence, with the management capabilities of Alfresco, the leading open source document repository. We’re calling this project the Confluence Alfresco Integration rivet or CAIr for short. CAIr is open source. You can find downloads, source code and documentation here:

Rivet Logic’s Upcoming Industry Event Participations

Posted by on October 01, 2010

This has been quite an exciting and busy year for Rivet Logic, between our open source contributions (i.e. Crafter Studio), the opening of our West Coast operations, and participation in numerous industry events. As we enter into Q4, things aren’t slowing down as we have a few more exciting events coming up.


Lucene Revolution – October 7-8 – Boston
Lucid Imagination presents Lucene Revolution 2010, the first conference dedicated to open source search in North America. Rivet Logic will participate as both sponsor and presenter at the upcoming conference. On October 7 at 10:30 am, featured speaker Michiel Verkaik, Rivet Logic Senior Engineer, will present “Integrating Solr with Alfresco WCM for Faceted Search and Navigation of Next-Generation Websites.” Michiel will discuss the technical approach Rivet Logic uses for cost-effective Solr/Alfresco integration, content publishing with complete editorial control, real-time Solr indexing, and dynamic generation of website visitor experiences.

For more information and to register, click here.


Alfresco Lunch & Learn – Boston, MA – October 13 – 11:30am – 1:30pm
As the Web Content Management (WCM) market continues to move and build momentum, the experts at Alfresco Software continue to hone in on and develop their world-class WCM portfolio to meet the demands and critical needs of companies worldwide.

Join Rivet Logic and Alfresco for a free Lunch and Learn event to get an early glimpse of what enhancements and features Alfresco has added to its WCM and Document Management solutions to make creating and managing your valuable website easier than ever.

For more information and to register, click here.


KMWorld Roundtable Webinar: Why Content Matters – How to Search, Find and Prosper From Your Information – October 26 – 2pm ET / 11am PT
Join Rivet Logic and a panel of experts for an information-rich webinar to discuss how business value can be derived from well-managed and easily accessible information.

Rivet Logic, along with other leading thinkers in enterprise search will join KMWorld to discuss relevant topics including:

  • Where enterprise content management (ECM) and search intersect, and how they compliment each other
  • The criteria for selecting an overall search platform that can be tailored to your specific departmental needs
  • The role that open source search software can play in your efforts to control costs and improve information access
  • Real world use cases

For more information and to register, click here.


Alfresco Developer Conference – November 3-4 – New York City
The first-ever Alfresco Developer Conference on November 3-4 in New York will give both new and seasoned Alfresco users an opportunity to sharpen their skills via deep-dive sessions on CMIS, WCM, content services, and best practices for ECM application development. Rivet Logic will be presenting on the topics of Crafter Studio and Alfresco/Solr integration. Participants can also learn about Activiti, the open source project that implements the new BPMN 2.0 standard.

For more information and to register, click here.

Rivet Logic Participates in New Alfresco Community Committer Program

Posted by on July 15, 2010

Alfresco recently launched the Alfresco Community Committer Program (ACCP), which is designed to promote and encourage open source contributions to the Alfresco platform through a structured process.

Software contributions accepted into ACCP will include any and all software extensions, language packs, plug-ins, and integrations, which enhance Alfresco’s core capabilities, meet a specified set of standards and attain voting approval by the ACCP Committee.

While there has always been developer contributions to the Alfresco platform, the ACCP now presents a better way to organize the contributions that will ultimately benefit all Alfresco Community and Enterprise users.

To show our continued commitment towards open source and Alfresco, Mike Vertal and Russ Danner from Rivet Logic are both on the ACCP founding committee. We’re excited to see this new program start and how the extensions contributed by the community can further enhance the Alfresco platform and benefit the overall community.

For more information on the ACCP, please visit:

Alfresco’s Summer Lunch & Learn Series Kicking Off July 13th

Posted by on June 30, 2010

Alfresco is kicking off another “Lunch and Learn” event series this summer, and Rivet Logic will be hosting the New York and Raleigh events. The Lunch and learn series will take place in 25 cities across the US, Canada and Peru starting July 13, and will be produced by Alfresco partners.

The Lunch & Learn seminar series is designed to educate and inform organizations evaluating ECM solutions and discuss how businesses are benefiting from an open source platform like Alfresco.

Topics of focus include:

  • Cost saving benefits of Alfresco compared to proprietary systems like Documentum, Open Text and SharePoint
  • Real-world case studies of how organizations using Alfresco are seeing results
  • Alfresco product demos

This will be a terrific opportunity for attendees to talk to Alfresco experts and hear first hand about the cost-saving benefits of Alfresco.

For more information and to register, click here.