Day: Thursday, January 06, 2011

What’s in Store for Open Source CMS in 2011?

Posted by on January 06, 2011

As a new year starts, we’re optimistic for what’s in store for us in 2011. in 2010, Rivet Logic experienced continuous growth as an organization even in this down economy. Open source continues to impact the content management, collaboration and search markets, and we are excited to be part of this revolution.

In a recent CMS Wire survey, open source CMS and related vendors share some of their insights for 2011. Some of the high priorities for product enhancement include:

  • Improve General Usability – 78%
  • Additional APIs / Integration / Platform Features and Social / Engagement / Personalization / Optimization Features – Tied at 64%
  • Address Performance and Scalability Limits – 52%
  • Better Mobile Device and/or Multi-Channel Support – 48%
  • CMIS Enhancements – 29%

Alfresco and Lucid Imagination participated in this survey and here’s what they have to share:

“What are the top 2 things you want to achieve for your project/product in 2011?”

Alfresco: Focusing on Web engagement to evolve how users produce and consume content, and improving technical aspects of their products like scalability, stability and performance.
Lucid Imagination: Cloud readiness and deployment, and widespread acceptance and displacement of commercial search vendors.

“How do you see content / information management evolving in 2011?”

Alfresco: We’ll see CMS’s “supporting a greater diversity of content distribution channels, such as consumer-oriented social networks, as more and more businesses express a desire to gain better visibility and ‘control’ over their respective brand and messaging.”
Lucid Imagination: Better integration across vendors will further legitimize open source as a strategic alternative to enterprise content technologies.

“How do you see open source business models evolving in 2011?”

Alfresco: Commercial open source models will be refined, with adjustments made to address factors like the economy, evolving technology, and so on.
Lucid Imagination: The folks at Lucid Imagination see continued acceptance of commercially-supported open source as the best practice in open source enterprise adoption.

“What do you expect to be the most disruptive technology or trend in 2011?”

Alfresco: Intelligent application of social computing principles behind the firewall with an eye toward efficient collaboration will continue to change the way that enterprises conduct business while improving overall agility and productivity.
Lucid Imagination: Search integration in cloud-enabled content technologies.

To see the full survey results, click here.