Month: September 2010

Investment in OSS Set to Rise

Posted by on September 17, 2010

A recent survey conducted by Accenture found that over 69% of organizations anticipate increased investment in open source software this year, and more than 38% expecting to migrate mission-critical software to open source over the next twelve months.

While this is great news for open source adoption, the real surprise is how organizations are perceiving open source. Previously, the key benefit of open source software has been its cost savings, but now organizations are realizing other benefits such as quality, reliability and speed. A whopping 76% of respondents cited quality as a key benefit of open source, and another 71% cited improved reliability. This shows significant progress in dissolving some of the myths of open source software, where it has traditionally been seen as products that lack the functionality and security that proprietary products have.

We hope to see this momentum grow as more open source myths are debunked and as commercial open source products continue to prove themselves to be formidable rivals of their proprietary counterparts.

Liferay 6.0 EE Debut @ West Coast Symposium

Posted by on September 03, 2010

Liferay’s annual West Coast Symposium is being held next week on September 8-9, 2010. One of the anticipated events is the debut of Liferay Portal 6EE, which will be broadcasted live for those who can’t attend the conference.

As part of the Liferay 6 launch activities, Liferay will also showcase a new feature in Liferay 6 each day starting on 8/31. Liferay is also hosting a series of worldwide roadshows with their partners to further drive product awareness.

Rivet Logic will be participating as a sponsor at the West Coast Symposium and hosting the Reston, VA roadshow at our facilities on September 24th.

We hope to see you at one of the events!

2010 Bossie Awards Names Solr a Winner

Posted by on September 01, 2010

The 2010 Bossies (Best of Open Source Software) awards were announced last week, and among the winners is the open source search technology Apache Solr. This prestigious award recognizes the best open source software for businesses every year, identifying the “most promising and cost-effective products available to IT organizations”. Being recognized alongside other highly-acclaimed products like Alfresco, Drupal and WordPress only signifies Solr’s maturity as an enterprise-class platform.

As the amount of digital content continues to increase during the daily operations of an organization, it becomes evermore important to implement an effective enterprise search tool to sort through and find relevant content. Over the past few years, Apache Lucene and Solr has taken the enterprise search industry by storm as it continues to gain visibility for its highly-scalable and robust search platform. It’s now being downloaded thousands of times per day, with over 4,000 enterprise customers, which include AT&T, Macy’s, and Verizon.

With its recognition as the best of open source for 2010, it’s no surprise to us that Solr has emerged as a disruptive catalyst to mission-critical data-driven applications across the marketplace,” said Eric Gries, CEO of Lucid Imagination. “The community’s virtuous cycle of adoption and innovation deserves tremendous credit for this achievement, and so we offer our congratulations for this well-deserved recognition. Thousands of companies are gaining competitive advantage from the use of this innovative software, and this award further confirms that diverse and widespread adoption of Solr open source enterprise search is well established.”

As a Lucid Imagination partner and a long time integrator of Lucene and Solr search technologies, Rivet Logic is excited for the Solr community for this accomplishment.