Day: Monday, March 02, 2009

Rivet Logic Named in KMWorld’s “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management”

Posted by on March 02, 2009

KMWorld, the leading information provider serving the knowlege, document, and content management systems market, has selected Rivet Logic in their list of “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” for 2009.

The announcement was made yesterday by Hugh McKellar, editor in chief of KMWorld.

“We have always maintained that knowledge management is an attitude, not a specific application—a commitment to taking full advantage of all the information at an organization’s disposal and delivering it to the appropriate constituencies to facilitate decision-making at every possible level…

…We believe that each of the companies listed embodies as part of its culture the agility and limber execution of its mission… they embrace a spirit of innovation and adaptability. They each embody the resiliency and wisdom to identify and act upon their own areas requiring improvement and, more importantly, those of their customers.”

We’re honored to receive this prestigious recognition. As leaders in the open source enterprise content management and collaboration market, we will continue to strive to deliver bottom-line results for our customers.

Webcast: Transition to Open Source ECM

Posted by on March 02, 2009

In this down economy, enterprises everywhere are looking for new opportunities to cut costs. Why use expensive, proprietary ECM applications and infrastructure when commercial open source alternatives offers dramatically reduced costs, mitigate risk, without compromising on performance availability and supportability?

Join us as Rivet Logic and Ingres Corporation co-host a webcast this Wednesday, March 4th, to see how transitioning to an open source infrastructure with products like Alfresco, Red Hat, and Ingres could benefit your organization as we draw on real-world examples.

Click here to register for this webcast.